The Pacific Northwest is fast becoming a corridor for fossil fuel development. In September 2014, five citizens placed themselves in the way of that system, declaring it necessary to avert climate catastrophe. Now they are being put on trial, and they need your support.

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The Trial begins soon. On Sunday Abby will lead a sermon. On Monday the Trial begins. On Tuesday Tim DeChristopher will hold  a fundraising dinner. Find out how to best attend the trial, where events are happening, and more!

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Trial date is set for January 11th 2016, in Lynwood.  We hope that we will be able to present a necessity defense and will be able to put expert witnesses on the stand to argue that 1) there is verifiable imminent danger 2) that we had a reasonable expectation of efficacy in taking our action 3) that we have (and the climate movement has) pursued every available legal alternative. Attend the trial if you can, invite others to come as a light to the darkness of powers and principalities.  Dress in your best.


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Please join us in standing up to the Fossil Fuel Industry. Every dollar counts. Its been through your contributions that we’ve been able to persevere, assemble expert testimony and push this litigation forward. Thank you.


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Read our blog. Or read some of the books and articles listed on this site to better understand the issues, and urge others to do so as well. Read our timeline of the outrageous actions of high government officials which illustrate how our legislative system has been co-opted by industry.

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