Anti-DepressantsNot all pregnant women know the effects of anti-depressants on their baby. There have been many researches on this subject, and it has been proven that taking anti-depressants while being pregnant could lead to birth defects. Some serious defects include heart disease in your infant, irritability, low birth weight, low blood sugar, or even death.

However, what if you are suffering from chronic depression? How could you stop taking medication to have a baby? What if the pregnancy is unexpected? The best advice is to discuss the situation with your psychologist. He will know how to help you fight your depression while not taking your medicine, or he could find a good alternative to your usual medicine so that you don’t have to suffer from your episodes during your pregnancy.

Many pregnant women discover the effects of anti-depressants on their baby too late. If you or your loved one suffer from birth defects due to anti-depressants, even though the pain could be too much to bear, you need to understand your rights. Depending on the specific nature of your case, you may be able to sue the drug company or anyone responsible for their negligence. Again, the chance of you winning the case depends very much on specific details of your situation, and there is no hard and fast formula here. The best thing to do when this happens to you is to consult with a personal injury attorney. As a professional who has been trained in similar cases, your attorney will know which is best for you. If he thinks you deserve compensation, he will fight for your rights in court. There was a case with Zoloft recently where many women who suffer from birth defects sued the company for their failure to warn them of the side effects of the drug.

There is a correlation between anti-depressants & Birth defects cases & defective products lawsuits. However, to prove your case in court, you need a good lawyer. Consider consulting with different attorneys to know your chance of winning the case, as well as the amount of compensation you could get to make sure your effort will be worthwhile.